An educational app designed and developed for students by a peer to prepare for the SAT, ACT, SSAT, TOEFL.

J’s Flashcard helps build and master vocabulary over time. A must-have app for US and international students applying to high schools and colleges in the United States. Keep scrolling down for more…


Bring this learning tool with you at all times. Be ready to add new words to your piles, in order to study and review on the go.


The same sleek U.I., but with more screen real estate. Perfect to study for your exams: test your level, meet your goals!


Your Piles

Categorise your vocabulary piles to meet your learning needs by reading material title, class subjects… whatever works for you!

Prep Piles

Also, study pre-populated commonly tested words that appear on SAT, ACT, SSAT & TOEFL. Over 4500 vocabulary words in total.

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